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Hi, Im not sure if this is in the right place but would like some advice.
I purchased a "gold Membership" from FAW, its a ticket priority system for the world cup qualifying games.
At the time the membership promised guaranteed tickets for all away games. (screenshot to prove)
However their website has now been changed to include the words "subject to availability" (again i have screenshots).
I also belive they have edited their terms and conditions to include this. This is my beleif because i read them at the time of purchase and there was no mention of the "subject to availabilty" unfortunetly i havent printed them at the time.
I do however have reasonable proof that would suggest they have edited them. If you click the link to the terms and conditions and read through them, it is clear that the terms and conditions have been copied and pasted from a previous campaign (namely Euro2016) and infact reference Euro2016 multiple time in one paragraph. However later on references the 2020 world cup.
This would suggest to me that they realised they had sold more memberships than they could forfill and have tried to pull a fast one, by copying and pasting terms and conditoons from a previous campaign and forgetted to edit one paragraph.
This along with the screen shot, really brings into questions whether they have been edited.
At first i received instant emails from them regarding my complaint but since i provided evidence nothing for hours.
Anyone have any advice? is there anyway to check when a particular page on a website was last updated?
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