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Argos New 3DS XL Bundle Rip Off

Hello all,
Should you be in the market for a New 3DS you may notice Argos have some bundles available, for example:

New Nintendo 3DS XL + Star Fox 3D + Yoshis Island + Zelda A Link Between Worlds = £227.97

If you purchase this deal as separate components it comes to £221.96, which is about enough to throw a power adapter in for the same price as the bundle.

Also, if you buy the console separately it gives you access to a deal for a case, by dropping one game from the list you can purchase:

New Nintendo 3DS XL + Star Fox 3D + Zelda A Link Between Worlds + Zelda Case + Power Adapter = £224.95 (still cheaper than their bundle and with everything you need!)

I've never had trouble with game bundles before but Argos have really screwed these up, none of the ones I could see worked out cheaper at all, more expensive in fact.

Thanks for reading :)


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