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I have an ongoing claim and my insurer confirms I am covered for "matching sets". It's one of a pair of armchairs that is damaged but the curtains match the chairs in question, so should I be claiming for the curtains too? I don't want to directly ask the insurer since I know it sounds 'grabbing' but if I am covered, then surely it would be fair to claim?


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    Either just ask (easiest) or check the definition of matching sets to see if you are covered (or if they have any way of getting out of the curtain claim)
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    Diid you have the curtains made to match the same material that the chairs are made of.

    I would say that they are not part of a matching set,
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  • Hi Quentin, thanks for your speedy response. Thanks also McKneff, yes the curtains and chairs upholstery were made from the same roll of fabric. The fabric is no longer available. Cheers.
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    Check the definition in your policy, as some only cover matching suites for example, and the curtains wouldn't be a part of a suite.

    If not, call the insurer. Who are you insured with?

    Did you buy the curtains at the same time and place as the arm chairs?
  • Hi FutureGirl, yes both bought at same time, where can I find a more 'in-depth' description of matching sets? My policy just says: 'for any part of a set or suite that is damaged which we cannot repair or replace we will replace the set or suite as new or pay the cost of replacing the set or suite as new or if we can replace the set or suite but agree to make a cash payment instead it will not be more than the amount it would have cost us to replace the item using our own suppliers or if no equivalent or replacement set or suite is available, pay the full cost of the item without any deduction ....'

    Apparently it's Direct Line .... through another
  • If you can buy the curtains and the suite as a set, then it should be covered. If you didn't, then it wouldn't.

    If you put the fabric on the chairs yourself, and it's only the fabric damaged, then you should be claiming for new fabric (so it all matches), not whole new seats.
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