Unusual Car Insurance Situation, Policy cancelled for non-payment


So I took out car insurance under Churchill, paid the premium in full and everything was good to go. I went away to ym parents for a few weeks, to come back and find out they had canceled my policy due to non-payment!?

Basically the NCD proof I provided had a small gap of about a weeks or so from being 3 years, but was accepted however they wanted a payment for £30 or so pounds, however I was away at my parents for a few weeks and had only found out when I got back, but by this point they had cancelled my policy!?

What position does this leave me in, as I had only received 1 letter and no other form of contact (phone or email) was attempted.Does this mean I have to delcare non payment even though i techniclly paid for it? I noticed all the quotes shot up but luckily I ran a quote a weeks or so before all this happend as im moving address.

Your advice would be much appreciated.



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    Yes as it stands you do need to declare this as a cancelled policy.

    So try and get them to reinstate your policy.

    Don't try and get away with this by using the old quote (the info you provided to get it is no longer valid now you have a cancelled policy on your record) - you must inform your insurer now about the cancellation - non disclosure will allow them to void your policy and reject any claim
  • Start the official complaints procedure with them in writing by certified post .
    Ask for a deadlock reply if they intend to not accept the compliant.
    Offer to pay the £30
    I do Contracts, all day every day.
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