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my relatives. I'm off to NZ soon to meet my relatives, some of them for the first time. There's 7 of them, 3 aunts & 4 uncles, all over 65. So far I've got pens from the local Football Club for the men, & some £10, £20, & £50 serviette notes. One of them works in a bank & has offered to sort my currency out, so I shall offer them the serviettes in exchange :D I can't carry too much, so am just looking for something small. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks :)


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    Tourist tea towels of your local area?
    Photos of you & local family? (to have made into photomugs once you're there)?
    Family tree in GEDCOM format so they can link it to anything they have already easily? Family photos, wedding photos, show you all fit together?
    Most easily carried on a memory stick unless you've affordable phone cloud storage?
    Have a wonderful time
  • If you're struggling with room, have you thought about purchasing at the airport? You usually get 1 carrier bag FOC on flights.
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    Thanks very much to you both.

    I think I'll take some family photos in a little album for them, they don't do internet, imagine not doing ... :eek:

    May also get some bits at the airport too.

    I found a shop online last night after I posted, typical eh :D
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