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Saivian 20% Cashback Scheme. Warning.

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niftyoneniftyone Forumite
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Been approached to join this Network Marketing Opportunity a couple of times ,which has recently launched in the UK.

Beware if approached. It appears you dont get cashback and they are simply recirculating money from other members.

BehindMLM have covered it here :


  • niftyoneniftyone Forumite
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    I have seen recruiters on Facebook claiming that the business is exempt from UK Income Tax as they are only earning cashback. Clearly in an attempt to get the gullibles onboard.
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    Cashback IS exempt from tax, only if it is on day to day purchases that you aren't claiming back as a taxable expense.

    For example, I bought a laptop for work, I earned cashback on it. The laptop is an expense but the cashback is taxable, as without buying the laptop, and being eligible to claim it is an expense, I wouldn't have made that cashback.

    However, I'd definitely avoid this company - thanks for the warning to other members!
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    niftyoneniftyone Forumite
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    Further Info on this Global Money Circulation Scam . Which relies completely on new people joining and pays out from the members monthly fee.

    You have to pay $125 every 28 days to become an active member,and you need to purchase products worth $625 using your approved payment method just to break even.

  • niftyoneniftyone Forumite
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    Saivian is selling a membership for a global cash back deal.. Where potentially if you spend up to an amount each week, you can get this additional cash back benefit each month..(which may I add is very easy with a family of 4 ).. Now at the end of the day you have two choices.. you do NOT refer ( which is the members choice) and receive a smaller amount back each month... OR you can refer and have your membership payment covered, thereby being able to avail the whole of the potential 20% cash back on the value of your receipts per month... ok, so either way , by joining I have made some money back regardless, and If I had not joined .. I would have had nothing and would be no better of ... ok .. now where is the scam part in this ???

    Sorry i am always suspicious of new members who turn up just to support scams.

    The company has no products as such,and the income paid out to members comes out of others contributions,and your trying to convince us its ok. You must think members have just come out the woodwork.
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    niftyoneniftyone Forumite
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    I have not joined saivian blind. I did my home work and checked..

    Are you sure ?

    Did you not think the exorbitant total yearly membership $1,625 was extremely

    Did you notice that the company website ?

    1.Does not provide any information regarding refunds.

    2.Does not publish any legal Terms and Conditions,

    3.Does not publish a contact number.
    ( You cant see this until you join.).

    Did you not think it was strange that like a real cashback company, that they are not directly partnered with other companies to provide authorized cashback options.

    Did you not think it was odd they did not offer any products whatsover.Bearing in mind that An MLM company that simply has no products at all for people to purchase is likely to be a Ponzi Scheme, or pyramid scam, in which people earn money simply by getting new people to pay membership fees. These fees are paid to older members, and new members must be added continuously in order for the whole system to not collapse.

    Did you discover they were not a member of The Better Business Bureau. Or the Direct Selling Association.
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