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thank you gift for nursery staff

I'm planning to get something for my child's key workers at nursery, as she is leaving their group to be in the next room with an older age group. Any nice ideas on what to get them? All I've really thought of is chocolates or a voucher...


  • kingfisherblue
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    For my children's teachers, I have made drinks hampers. I put in sachets of different types of coffee and hot chocolate, fruit tea bags, and biscuits. I decorate a box or use a basket, fan out the sachets (using paper clips or glue dots to secure them), and wrap in cellophane with curly ribbon. It looks really good and is always appreciated.

    You can add extras, such as a tin of squirty cream, chocolate sprinkles, mini grater and a black of chocolate, flakes, or mugs. It can be inexpensive or you can add extras to push up the price if your budget allows.
  • Smodlet
    Smodlet Posts: 6,976 Forumite
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    Gin. Vodka... kidding!

    How about a voucher for a meal out in a nice restaurant/pizza place? Or an Amazon voucher?
  • webitha
    webitha Posts: 4,799 Forumite
    as a nursery nurse myself,, i really enjoy the personal thing the homemade thank you card biscuits etc, best teacher pen (loves the pens we use them so much), if you get chocs they normally get shared out with everyone, in all years of this i have nor anyone of my colleagues have been given a voucher.

    to be honest we never expect anything thats why the hm cards are such a treasure and i have kept every single one with the childs name and year on the back
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  • Ms_Chocaholic
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    Although I'm not a nursery nurse, I would hate to receive anything home cooked as a gift, I'm sorry but it would go straight in the bin or given to the dog (if I had a dog and it was safe for the dog to eat). Reason be, I wouldn't know how about the cleanliness of the person who had made the items.

    The same goes for cakes on a food stall at the local village fete, unfortunately I also avoid those like the plague.

    My MIL used to bake cakes for me and my husband, lovely fruit cakes, she wasn't the most hygienic of people though so we didn't touch them, my husband used to take them to work where they went down a treat.
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  • sethsgran
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    My daughter usually makes Oreo truffles with her children for staff gifts. Messy activity but great fun for children. She then puts them in a cellophane cone and ties with Christmas ribbons. They can be made ahead and dozen
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  • polr
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    This is my LO's first year but for Xmas I was going to send in a craft tub for her group and maybe a wee handmade card and token sweetie treat for her key worker. My MIL is a teacher and always had so much chocolate it was unreal so I thought a gift to the group might be something different.
  • DigForVictory
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    Me, I cheated & brought in a Costco cake. All still sealed, but clearly iced "with much love from" and all the lads' names.

    Plus a card I'd helped them make, as a handmade homemade card has a certain often-slightly-lopsided charm all its own.
  • questionss
    I got a multipack of canvas reusable shopping bags; ds painted flowers on it using sponges etc & I popped a bottle of prosecco in it
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