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jaybeetoojaybeetoo Forumite
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If anyone is thinking of buying the new BT Smart Hub, I'd advise waiting until BT fix the problems.

As usual, the advertising hype is different from the reality.

BT sent me a Smart Hub for free but the wifi performance was worse than my old HH so I've gone back to using the old HH.


  • John_GrayJohn_Gray Forumite
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    Seems like Virgin Media are not alone with less than perfect WiFi...!
  • ballyblackballyblack Forumite
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    I got the new BT hub last week. I find the range has improved about 25% over the older BT hub which is an improvement.
  • seatbeltnoobseatbeltnoob Forumite
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    get it if its free with your new internet. but if you are paying for it get a decent aftermarket one with AC1200 (higher the better).
  • Ed_JoggEd_Jogg Forumite
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    We have a BT Home Hub 5 and the WiFi transmitter is not strong enough to give a decent signal in the diagonally opposite room in the house (which happens to be my bedroom!)

    I was going to just buy a BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) because of the promise of stronger signal (and because we often have two laptops streaming video simultaneously). I liked the thought of it being plug-and-play for my BT Broadband, although I wasn't so keen on the cost: £50+£8pp.

    Has BT fixed the HH6 issues mentioned by the OP?

    What alternative solutions are there?
    And how difficult would they be to set up?
    (I am sufficiently technically literate to do it, but don't know what will need configuring.)
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