Tesco Clubcard: Christmas Savers and top up doubts

Hi guys,

We've got 3 doubts about this:

1. I joined the Christmas savers scheme for the Tesco Clubcard in the past but not quite sure what is the benefit over just getting the vouchers at regular times. I've been reading their T&Cs but I didn't see what the benefit is, do you know?

2. Regarding the Xmas savers scheme itself, I see one would get a bonus when topping up. Is the top up possibility only applicable if you're in this scheme? or could anyone top up even if they get their vouchers at regular intervals?

3. I've found some articles saying that top up money that has been topped up cannot be used in the 2x, 3x offers, so I was wondering, what is the purpose of even topping up, if you can always pay the same amount by credit card when you do any shopping?
Not sure if I didn't understand anything about this top up feature...

Thank you!


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    1. It's a 'savings' scheme only in that you 'save' your vouchers and get them all at the same time, ready for Christmas - but you can top up with your own money to earn a bonus.
    2. You can only top up if you are in the scheme.
    3. Topping up with your own money enables you to earn a bonus, which will be paid in November 2016. Not aware there are any restrictions on how the bonus voucher can be spent.
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    Thanks @Brynsam!

    Regarding point 3, with the clause:
    "£100 - £199.50 top up = £6 bonus "

    For example if one tops up £100 and receives £106. Does that mean that one would get:
    • £100 in top up vouchers, that could only be used for purchasing products that are priced as £100 tesco clubcard vouchers?
    • An extra £6 bonus voucher, that could be used without restrictions, eg, £6 x3 = £18 tesco clubcard vouchers?

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    mickael28 : the Christmas saver is especially applicable who want to use they vouchers for Christmas shopping in the store. Being in the Xmas saver enables you to save extra at the tills - instead of buying stamps to stick on a card. Depending how much you 'topped-up' who can get bonus vouchers - these are also only to be spent in the store, indeed sometimes they have a shorter expiry date on them.

    When the Boost started, many Xmas savers felt aggrieved because their vouchers didn't come out till November!!
    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
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