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Sainsburys/Nectar coupons from £30 to £60 in six months

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I'm getting rather p'd off as since then, I have done 2 or 3 £25 shops in that time plus buying yellow stickers, clearance bargains and four items of clothing in the clothes sales.

Now why have my vouchers gone from £30 to £60?

For a month, I haven't bothered to swipe my Nectar card on small purchases, but on Wednesday, I swiped it and the voucher printed was still for £60.


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    I've noticed that rather than reducing the number of coupons they hand out (again), they are cutting back by making coupons less relevant/valuable. There's the increasing conditional spend and now, occasional double points coupons rather than the triple/5x that there used to be.
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    Well that's a bit weird.

    I am getting less money of total shopping like £2.25 off the next shop but things like 50 extra points on your next shop. Just this week I got a triple point at the same time.

    I am signed up to the Sainsbury's coupons promotion. Used to get 900 points if I spent £30. that has now gone down to double points on £10.

    I must admit I only tend to do a top up shop of things I can only get & like in Sainsbury's now, as I do most of my basic shopping in Aldi.

    One trick I do is when I go into town, I pop in Sainsbury's first and buy something like bread or cornflakes. I go and pay for it. Usually I get spits. Then I go do the rest of my shopping around the town then I go back into Sainsbury's and do my shop using the coupon(s) I got earlier.

    ScarlettMarble, do scan your card every time you buy the small stuff. It will shakeup the algorithm they use to give you spits to tempt you.

    To be honest the amount of shops and the times you have scanned is really not enough to stir things up.
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