Dress code at graduation

My son graduates next week. I'm still making my mind up which dress to wear. But today my son and his girlfriend asked if I was wearing hat or fascinator and I hadn't even given headgear a thought, just for some reason assumed hat free would be fine. I do actually like wearing hats but wondered if they are generally worn at graduation.
Has anybody been a guest at a graduation recently? Are hat or fascinator wearers in a majority? Or will I be overdressed, and be better off bare headed?


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    I think you would feel over dressed in a hat or fascinator. I have been to two graduation ceremonies and don't recall seeing anyone wearing either.
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    The dress code tends to be rather more relaxed these days, although it can depend on which establishment you're going to. There's usually a gallery of previous Graduation ceremonies on the University websites which would give you an idea of what the norm is.

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    Yes I went to two and no hats really - though first time I did have tiny fascinator in bag just in case.

    I went with floaty skirt, blouse and smart cream jacket - I did have a fake flower in lapel. Felt fine like that - and some came decidedly underdressed. Its a special day so you don't want to be too casual - it shows respect for their special day if you have made an effort.

    It is an occasion and nice to be smart to have photo taken with son - I cherish my two pics from our special days.

    I expect you may have had your special day now so hope it went well.

    ps - stick a flowery slide in your bag just in case - as some unis may be dressier than others - that way you are prepared!
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