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Good evening all,

Newbie to the site, so please forgive me if this has been asked umpteen times already. I am seeking advice to a credit account on my profile (HSBC credit card), it was in default and being paid off on a management plan, however the balance was paid in full in December 2015. It is still showing as in default with an outstanding balance of £1130 even though the account was updated during April 2016? This is on the Noddle credit service. Any ideas on the best way or what I could do to possibly get this removed in case it is further damaging my credit score, etc. any advice appreciated. Many Thanks in advance, Lee.


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    Hi Lee

    First thing is so the balance was paid off in full last year correct ? And the account is showing as still in default correct ? I don't think you will get it removed but you might be able to get the fact it's still in default sorted.

    Secondly no one and I mean no 1 ( not even God ) except you can see your credit score.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply DCFC79. Yes that's all correct. Right I see, so I guess I would need to take that up with HSBC directly? At least if it shows the balance to be £0 it may help? I also had a current account/overdraft with hsbc and a couple of other debts with other creditors but it's just that one credit card debt that still shows up as an outstanding debt.
    Thanks once again, Lee.
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    I differ. If an account is paid in full the status should be "settled". The caveat is that the account stays on your credit history for 6 years after the settlement date not the default date.

    Try an inquiry with the CRA.
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