Comfort Intense Luxurious Sample

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New Luxurious
In its second year Comfort Intense is launching a brand new variant – Luxurious! Washing your clothes, sheets and towels will never be the same again with this fantastic new fragrance. You and your family will be living in luxury all from a tiny ultra-concentrated dose!

Scroll down to request a sample tab

Official MoneySavingExpert insert Tue 5 Jul: Click the ‘Request a Sample’ button halfway down the page at this Comfort link. You’ll need to enter your email, address and date of birth. Once you’ve submitted that information you’ll get an email confirming that your sample is going to be sent. We asked Comfort how many samples are left but it hasn’t got back to us yet – we’ll update here when it does. Go quick if you want one.

Big thanks to sarah1972 for the original spot!
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    Wow thanks sent for mine these smell lovely so sure this one will too
    Thank you everyone and especially MSE team - saving us all a LOT for years now

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    Thanks for this requested mine.
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    Hung up my suit!
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    Be careful about this !!! Not saying this is anything to do with Unilever but as soon as I had completed details and had confirmation e-mail I had a pop up saying I had won a iPhone6.The link had Amazon all over it ( not genuine I know now ) so I clicked through,it asked some general knowledge questions but when it got to inputting my e-mail address I stopped.
    After this I did look for scams and there is one going around like freaked me out a bit so ran a virus scan that showed nothing but have now just got a message left on my answer phone to confirm my home number ( although I NEVER give that out except to maybe GP Tec ) and this automated voice read out my ( correct ) home no and asked me to press 1 to confirm and other nos for other things.Have read just calling a no or whatever can cost ££££ so didn't press anything,just deleted message.

    Be careful !!
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