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Got to decide whether to upgrade to Win 10.
Present Win 7 home premium, quite happy with it but quite prepared to see what 10 is like, especially as can revert.

The reason I have not done it yet is that I am running an old version of Mailwasher, 1.33, the reason is that this version allows multi email accounts unlike the current free version ( I am a tight MSE er).

So the question is would this run on Win 10. I cannot remember if it runs normally on 7 or that I had to run it in some compatibility mode.
thanks for any help.


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    Sorry I do not know Mailwasher, but to state the obvious, backup your PC before upgrading.

    Make sure you know how to do a restore from your backup preferably using a bootable iso/usb stick, and that your restore mechanism works.

    There apparently is a rollback facility in windows 10, still a backup could be the way to go.
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    Mozilla Thunderbird is free and allows multiple email accounts.
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    Main question: should you upgrade to W10? Answer: don't know because you haven't told us anything about the PC you're thinking of upgrading. I recently upgraded two W7 laptops (about 3 years old) to W10 and have had no problems as a result. However, once I'd disabled all the stuff in W10 I didn't want running, installed Classic Shell, set up a local account and decided the available apps are pretty much useless and no replacement for the software I was using previously, there's very little functional difference between what is left and W7. Would I bother again? - probably, but only to avoid the end of support for W7, and definitely not without a cast-iron way back if the upgrade goes bad (i.e. a full backup).

    Secondary question - Mailwasher. I remember using this years ago, but it seems a little stone age now. These days I forward mail from my various accounts through gmail, which seems to remove spam and other nasties very efficiently and send you a helpful note detailing what it's removed. I'm sure Gmail is not the only free service able to do this. I don't think I'd see the possible loss of Mailwasher as a reason not to upgrade Windows.
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    I use Windows 7 Home Premium & also a laptop with the 'free' Widows 10.
    I don't intend to 'upgrade' my Widows 7.....
    I am of the opinion that if it 'aint broke don't try & fix it !!
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