Scottish Ceilidh

If you are thinking of having a Ceilidh for your wedding, or that special occasion, I would advice staying away from Scotland's Ceilidh band. We found that a Mr Tony Coogan who is the business manager highly unreliable and temperamental. He keeps changing his min at a whim. He is in the habit of making arrangements with you but he does not stick to them. A total waste of time. He denied us the opportunity to make an appropriate toast at the time.

Performance was mediocre, disorganised and actually left a bad taste after the event. A lot of the guests were disappointed and we were left feeling cheated.

Bottom line: Stay away. Don't let him spoil your day.


  • I too have had a poor experience with Tony Coogan (Anthony Coogan) Scotland's Ceilidh Band. He has a website which has not been updated in years with old reviews. I wish I knew more about this man before I booked. I hadn't booked a band before and needed someone for a ceilidh for our wedding vow renewal ceremony/silver wedding anniversary. I agree with much of what the previous reviewer has said. e.g. He called me October 2018 (last year) when our booking was October 2019 and said he'd "sent 5 guys" to the venue. Alarm bells. If he was in this band, why SEND 5 other guys (albeit a year early)? In addition I recently discovered he was only gonna send two guys. The band had been reduced to a duet. I had paid £180 deposit for what I believed to be a five piece band. Didn't want to cancel and lose £180. I was worried that buy the time the venue came around I would have the one man band from Mary Poppins! Just felt like I was hearing glossy renditions of actualities, not getting a full picture of what was really gonna happen. We had booked half ceilidh half disco. Did a bit of digging and between the last review on him here and asking around, I didn't like what I heard, I emailed in first instance for reassurances, no reply. I therefore resorted to cancelling, and did so by text and email. It was only then I got an email reply. I have lost the deposit of £180 he says not refundable as he'd turned away NUMEROUS bookings he said, and the negative reviews were from jealous competitors. I have just this second blocked him from contacting me on my phone as he's becoming challenging in his word choice. I agree with the previous reviewer. If you are having a Ceilidh, find someone else. Ask around for recommendations.
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