60th Birthday Little Gifts


It is my Aunties 60th Birthday very soon and I am hoping to send her 60 small gifts throughout the year which are quite light to post and do not cost a fortune.

I have come up with 30 personal gifts but need some more ideas.

Does anyone have any suggestions please? :D
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  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    Birthday cake candles.
    Matchbook for lighting same.
    Miniatures of whiskey if she drinks it.
    DVDs of films she might have seen decades ago?
  • 7roland87roland8 Forumite
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    Lovely idea but will work out expensive.

    Even at £1 a time it will add up.

    You could write 60 things you love about her - or 60 memories of tiems spent together.

    Or else an album of 60 pictures.
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  • hale24hale24 Forumite
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    Letters/cards written by her nearest and dearest telling of their favourite memory of her. You could send them individually or in a bunch wrapped in pretty ribbon.

    maybe a bag of her favourite sweets from when she was little?

    a CD of the music that was out the year she was born? Or a CD of every track that has been number one on her birthday over the years?

    Tickets to theatre/cinema/event

    Keyring of some sort (favourite animal, photo keyring, etc)
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