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Imagine if you will, at your tea break eating a jam donut. You bite into it and the sticky jam oozes from the donut, dripping down your chin and on to your clothes. The sugar coats your lips and falls on to your top.
What would you do? You get a napkin & clean yourself up.
Now imagine that you can't just get a napkin. That you have to wait on someone to say it is ok or to do it for you. How long before you feel uncomfortable? Frustrated? Dirty? Upset? 2minutes? 5? 10? Half an hour? Or can you stick it out longer? What if someone comes & talks to you in this time & they notice the mess you are in, but don't help. How do you feel?
Now imagine you need the toilet. You are desperate to go. But you can't. You need to wait for help. And when that help comes it is to take you to lay on the floor.
Can you imagine that, laying on the floor to go to the toilet?
You don't have to just imagine it tho, you could take a few minutes out of your day to lay down on the toilet/bathroom floor just to get the feeling of it.
Do you want to? Think about the floor - is it cold? Is it clean? What or who has been there before you? Do you have room to lay down? Is it comfortable? Do you feel dignified or respected?
Now think about having to do this every day.
Disability is not a choice most people make. Some are born & some have accidents or illness. However, how we have empathy towards others & what we do to empower others IS a choice.
And it is a choice we should approach with passion & compassion.
You may not be disabled today but who knows what tomorrow brings? Would you like you, your mother, your child, your father, your friend etc to suffer indignity & restrictions in their life?
Should not we all be able to enjoy simple pleasures? A trip to the cinema, being with friends, meals out, shopping, going on holiday?
Or should we all be forced to lay on a cold, dirty floor, jam on our clothes, waiting for someone to help us?
Be the one that has compassion. Be the one that empowers. Be the one who values & respects all humanity. Be the one that makes a difference.

please feel free to copy & share. More awareness = more empathy, which in turn may lead to better facilities. Many thanks.
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