Wedding Gift for OH Mother

My OH's mother is marrying her partner later on this year and we are really struggling with what to get for the gift. This will be her second marriage and she is currently living with said partner and have everything they need. Neither have any hobbies that stand out, and they both spend long hours at work throughout the week.

They will be honeymooning and we did consider giving them some spending money, but this does not seem so personal. The only other thought was to arrange a nice countryside break for them as a nice retreat from their long hours at work.

We are currently saving as much as we can for a house, so I know they won't want us to go overboard. I am thinking possibly around the £200 mark but willing to pay more for the right gift.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. :)
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    The countryside break sounds lovely! Or perhaps a gift experience? do quite good ones.

    With the mention of long hours, how about a spa day or a gift voucher for a massage for the couple? Lots of places do gift vouchers for specific treatments and it could be a lovely pampering after the stress of wedding organisation.

    OH's mums are so tricky! Good luck finding the right gift :)
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    Gosh if my son was saving hard I'd not expect a £200 present.

    Things have gone OTT these days. I'd get a big card with a very thoughtful and loving verse, or find and print a super poem out. Why not get a voucher for a super afternoon tea for the four of you for after the honeymoon, then you can hear all their news in style.

    Personally some heartfelt words in a card mean more to me than the gift.
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    7roland8 wrote: »
    Gosh if my son was saving hard I'd not expect a £200 present.


    I would not either, I would not want it
    With love, POSR <3
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