Fighting tenancy/agency fees

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Hey, everybody

As you may know, tenancy fees are illegal in Scotland. In England, however, they keep making renting an absolute nightmare for people (some agencies charge up to £700 of fees for a tenancy!! ).

There's a company called CaseHub Ltd that builds class action lawsuits and they're aiming to launch one against letting agents in a few months, to get tenants refunded and hopefully set a precedent to ban tenancy fees once and for all in England.

People can sign up for updates on the case here.
You don't commit to anything by signing up to the mailing list, you'll just receive news on when and how the case will launch :) so you can be one of the first participants when it does.

It's important to spread the word and start campaign building, as CaseHub needs enough people to join to be able to challenge the fees in court. This is more than a petition! if it happens it can be HUGE.

Thought MSE was a relevant place to post this. It can be a legal revolution if class actions happen in the UK.



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