Furnished/Unfurnished SFA

Good evening all,

Am currently filling out my app for SFA. :j Living in the block up till now, I've accumulated zero furniture, so was wondering whether to put down for an furnished vs unfurnished SFA. :huh:

Does anyone have experience of the two, and possible costs? Is it possible to go for a furnished SFA and then return the furniture as we get our own pieces?


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    Umm, looks like nobody knows here!

    All I can suggest is to try the question on the Army Rumour Service - https://www.arrse.co.uk (there are similar forums for Navy and RAF if you're not of the green persuasion...)
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    Not sure of the costs, but I know you can have an unfurnished, a furnished, or a partly furnished quarter, and you can send furniture back when you don't need it.

    We have had a furnished quarter abroad. The sofas are really uncomfortable, but the rest of the furniture was fine, the beds all had new mattresses on, the dining table and chairs were nice, and there were bookshelves etc. When we handed the quarter back some allowances were made against the furniture because we had small children, so small scratches on tables etc were not a problem.
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