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I think I'm having a senior/blond moment (I'm neither). I've recently saved a file to a CD-RW with the intention of resaving an updated version at a later date. However, when I come to save it to the disc, it won't do it. It tells me it's full! (no way). I seem to vaguely remember something about a "session"? Whatever, can anyone tell this non senior, non blonde what I'm doing wrong please? I'm using Nero. Thanks
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  • I think you're referring to 'multi-session', but if you're using CD-RWs I don't think it's relevant.

    When you're burning to CD-R you can use multi-session to burn over part of a disc, and then burn again afterwards without overwriting the first burn.

    Not sure why you can't burn over the old file, what burning software are you using?
  • I've had problems rewriting to CD-RWs, trying to use them as floppy disks, adding and deleting files as required. Usually it simply doesn't work. Sometimes it works only after I've erased or reformatted the whole CD-RW.

    I've given up messing around with CD-RW and now stick to CD-R, which are cheaper and, IME, easier to use.

    If anyone knows the secrets of using CD-RWs, I'd like to know.... :)
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    i think you need to initialise the disc for writing every time. which burning software are you using?
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  • thanks for the responses so far. To answer a question: I'm using Nero software.
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    Normally when you write to a CD/R or a CD/RW, the burning software asks 'Finalise disk'. If you say yes, this disk will become locked and in the case of CD/RW the only way of using it again is to reformat the CD/RW.

    If you uncheck the 'Finalise disk' option, the burning software will update the files. It does't actually cover over the old file, but rather makes the PC look in the new place on the CD for the file. This option also adds around 20mb to the size of the files you are burning onto the CD. Also note that unfinalised CDs sometimes only work in a CD/DVD rewriter drive.

    Hope this helps...
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