MoneySaving Poll: Is your energy company's service any good?

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Poll started 23 May 2016

Is your energy company's service any good?

Hopefully the winter’s cold’s now long gone, so it’s the perfect time for our six-monthly poll to test how your energy firm has performed.

This is about customer service though, not price (most still overpay £300/yr, do check the Cheap Energy Club to see if you can save).

Please rate your current supplier’s SERVICE (not price) over the last SIX MONTHS. If you’ve gas & elec with different firms, rate both.

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, read our New to Forum? Intro Guide.

Thanks! :)



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    Good to see Zog's vote improving with every poll. Customer service that is uniquely personal. Anything I would normally call another energy company for, I email Zog for from my work desk.

    Being able to simply email to query a bill, request a switch to a new tariff, request a change to the direct debit amount and so on has been a huge benefit. If I could do this with all the companies I deal with I wouldn't have a to-do list that is full of things I just put off perpetually because my evenings and Saturdays are busy enough as they are.

    I sound like an advert but some companies are worth recommending, and the poll shows it!
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    truely awful - Just read the forum on here
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