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Need help and advice please.



  • DomRavioliDomRavioli
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    It's sad really because I've for to the gym for a number of years and have always had a relatively toned body. Unfortunately, that's pretty much gone.

    I do walk my dog twice a day for approx an hour each time. I'm still able to do that, although I struggle abit now. Been 3 weeks since I have eaten properly.

    I will have a look at liquid drinks. I suspect they can be bought in the supermarket? How do I keep a check on how I'm doing in terms of calorie intake? Never had to do it before. I am trying to make sure I drink as much water as I can.

    Each drink will have a calorie load. Make sure you take enough.

    I suspect if you go to your GP you may end up in an ED clinic because not eating properly for 3 weeks isn't just a stress reaction, it is a lifestyle change.

    Fresubin is the least horrible, Complan isn't great but more readily available. its around 400 cals a drink usually, so you're looking at maybe three a day plus food. A normal healthy calorie intake is usually 1400 to 2000 a day, so if you want weight gain you need maybe 3000 cals a day.

    And no, you need to go to a chemist usually for them - they are medically indicated for people who cannot or refuse normal nutrition, but please see your GP as a matter of urgency. I cannot stress this enough, you are very very unwell at the moment and it is so important to get an appointment. Call them, tell them its urgent, and they will usually see you same day.
  • the_devil_made_me_do_itthe_devil_made_me_do_it Forumite
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    Been to the doctors and they are saying it's still a stress reaction. They are going to run some blood tests, so hopefully they can tell me how my physical health is. I have been trying to eat. I tend to fancy something, so go to the shop to get it. Is tedious doing it, but I have no other option at present. The doctor said to keep a tally of my liquid intake aswell.
  • fairy_lightsfairy_lights Forumite
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    Do you like nuts? they're pretty calorific so if you can manage a handful as a snack you'd also be getting in a decent amount of protein and fats. Nut butters too.
    I would also hazard a guess that a fair amount of the stone you've lost is water weight - are you making sure to stay hydrated? What looks like loose skin and a loss of muscle tone may just be the effects of dehydration.
  • the_devil_made_me_do_itthe_devil_made_me_do_it Forumite
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    Thanks for all the replies. I have started eating a bit better, although still probably not enough. I am also trying to drink as much water as I can tolerate.

    I know it's going to be a relatively slow process, so I'm trying my best.
  • sorry to hear what you are going through. Can you manage something like Complan (a high calorie shake) or one of the whey shakes you get in health food shops? there are other ways you can pack calories into a small amount of liquid - google it. Don't think about exercise now, you're going through too much emotionally.

    I hope that helps.
  • TeamPlumTeamPlum Forumite
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    jenniewb wrote: »
    OP ask your GP to prescribe you some Fortisip or Fresubin build up drinks, they are not too large and though not good to rely on, can be a help if you are struggling to eat normal/solid foods.

    Sorry, as a dietitian I wouldn't advise this - you CAN eat, you just arn't.
    A GP would be remiss if he/she prescribed these.

    There is no need to replace with supplements, you'll get reliant on them. What you need to do, is eat little meals often and fortify what you are eating.
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    TeamPlum wrote: »
    Sorry, as a dietitian I wouldn't advise this - you CAN eat, you just arn't.
    A GP would be remiss if he/she prescribed these.

    There is no need to replace with supplements, you'll get reliant on them. What you need to do, is eat little meals often and fortify what you are eating.

    Granted, I can see where you're coming from and sort of agree- opting for build up drinks over food can build a dependency on them and also prevent you from working on the issue where food feels too much of a problem.
    But if things are getting difficult physically, then this can be something to support you if you are also minded to work on trying to get back to eating again- OP only you know if the eating is something you are working on and just need the drinks to act as a sort of foot in the door to take things at your own pace or if you'd be using them to sort of give up feeling like you needed to try.

    It really could only be a decision you could make by being very honest with yourself and your Doctor. If the action of eating is something you find too difficult at the moment, make sure you are actually getting support with that difficulty, not just from your immediate circle (eg friends, family...etc) but also if possible from professionals if you aren't getting anywhere fast and it has become a problem for you if you did want to go down the build up drink route.

    But you're right TeamPlum, I have known people rely on them a tad too much and fall back on them as a sort of comfort blanket where they give up trying to get back to eating and in turn, stopping eating and socialising with others and ends up with a very narrow and limited diet which can really have huge negative social effects, so be wary of this if opting for them. They can help physically but sometimes they are not without psychological effect.
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