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BT have passed debt on

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Back in 2010 myself and partner moved into an apartment where we were unable to have Sky or Virgin due to it's location and being a listed building so we signed up to BT vision (I think it was called at the time) which was a tv and broadband package,

We had no end of problems from the start with the initial set up taking a lot longer than we were told, and had o keep waiting for various things to arrive. I remember the ashes was on at the time and my partner was unable to watch it.

When everything was eventually up and running the problems continued with the television rarely working and the broadband service was poor.

After spending far too much time on frustrating phone calls and receiving what has to be the worst customer experience I have ever experienced, we tried to cancel our subscription....which caused us further problems and weeks on the phone.

In the end we stopped paying and were chased for the money but we made further calls to try and reason with BT as to why it had come to this. It's hard to remember everything now, because it is almost 6 years ago, but we have since moved home twice and never heard anything more until yesterday when a letter arrived from a debt company that BT have "passed our debt to" and they are expecting £577 from us.

Where do we stand with this? I can't believe it has cropped up again after all this time when it caused us so much stress back then.

I would never use BT again.



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    You need to deal with this swiftly. The likely result if you don't is a County Court judgement.
    You cannot get a CCJ without first losing a hearing in court. And even then you get a month to pay up without any impact on your credit rating etc.

    As creditors only have 6 years to instigate proceedings then this looks to be close to that deadline.

    The OP may want to ignore the debt collector and see if the 6 year limit is reached without any court action. (In which case they have lost the opportunity to take any legal action to recover the debt)
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