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Two sides to every story – apparently I was ‘prickly’ to a journalist when he followe

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  • Any journalist who says the equivalent of " no comment " to an innocuous request from another journalist should hang their head in shame.
    Your prima donna reaction doesn't really surprise me however as I've always thought you to be a little too pleased with yourself when I've caught you on the box.
    You've clearly forgotten how you started out.
  • OldBeanzOldBeanz Forumite
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    If I was going somewhere in a hurry I would have given the same answer. A proper journalist would have contacted the PR team rather than act as a drama queen.
  • The journalist bumped into Martin and asked him for a quick quote not a long,sitdown interview.
    As a journalist himself Martin would have done exactly the same thing every single day.It's what journalists do.
    Let's just say Martin replied " I think Peter Plumb is a really nice bloke who is great at his job and he can save people lots of money.If I had any doubts about him I wouldn't have sold him my website for £80 million pounds. "
    That takes about five seconds to say.
    About four seconds longer than " Talk to my PR people. "
    Only someone full of his own self-importance would have acted in this way.
    And when I've seen Martin on the tellybox I have come to the conclusion he thinks of himself as very important indeed.
  • OldBeanzOldBeanz Forumite
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    I think at a time like this when he has been dragged into the EU debate: 1. he has been quoted by Remain without his permission 2. Remain must think he is very important.
    You have put words in his mouth as well. His reply may well have been " Given all the grief I am given I probably undervalued the site by 50%."
    So as well as being important, he may not have wanted to be drawn on the subject by a random reporter and why do you want to put imagine what he would say.
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