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MSE News: Warning: Car insurance up 20% and more to come. Check NOW if you can LOCK I

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And that's even if you're not at renewal...
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'Warning: Car insurance up 20% and more to come. Check NOW if you can LOCK IN cheap'
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    Difficult to argue with the might of the AA and the ABI but rapidly rising car insurance costs have not been my experience for many years; quite the reverse, I experience slowly falling prices. I'm away from my records right now but recall that Mrs Chiny paid £98 a few weeks ago, down from £105 previously and (struggling a bit) perhaps £135 ish a few years back.

    Of course, one half-example proves absolutely nothing, so I will carry on wondering whether the AA and the ABI have an interest in prices rising. Or maybe my MSE skills are very finely honed ��
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    Hello - my husband died yesterday, and my daughter is expecting him to collect her and all of her things from Leeds at the weekend.

    My car insurance is due for renewal on 28 May and I have just phoned and asked to put my 22 year old son on for a week - they have refused. He has his own little Corsa car, I have a Nissan X trail.

    Apparently if I bring my insurance renewal date forward a company called Sabre will allow me to put him on .... for £364.00 per month.

    How crackers is the insurance business now?

    I don't know what to do. I'm too scared of motorway driving to do it myself, this is awful.
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    See if another trusted and more mature friend/relative can do the trip and get on your insurance (or use their own vehicle)
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