Who is getting married in 2016?

Girls - decided to start a new thread. Where is everyone getting married in 2016? did it take you long to find the venue, dress etc? how long were you planning your wedding for? x


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    I'm sure some men might be getting married this year too and involved in the planning or have pertinent ideas
  • xxlouisexx56xxlouisexx56 Forumite
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    I am getting married on May 16th! Less than two weeks to go!
  • Me, in October but I'm male. Am I allowed to post?
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    I got married in March! Had a lovely day for it :)
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    My daughter gets married on Mon 27th June in their university chapel (both students). Venue an obvious choice for them - means a 6 hr drive for us from Yorkshire and his family from London :)
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    We get married on Christmas Eve. There will only be fifteen people at our wedding including ourselves!
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    I'm getting married in November.

    We started looking at venues last October then booked ours at the beginning of February.
  • dipsydipsy Forumite
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    we get married in October this year

    booked the Venue, registrar & Disco August 2015, Photographer, car and venue dresser in September
    2007 £1749
    2008 £291.99
    2009 JanMasscara £7.00 Feb megcabot books x 2 £20 XFactor tkts x 2 £58.00 (couldn't go though as they only phoned on day :-( ) foundation £7.99
    total so far for 09 £92.99
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    I am getting married at September!
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    "Girls - decided to start a new thread. Where is everyone getting married in 2016? did it take you long to find the venue, dress etc? how long were you planning your wedding for? "

    I am getting married in September, OH asked me on Christmas day (so total planning time - 8 months)
    Getting married in my home country of Cornwall.
    I sort of knew pretty quickly what venues I wanted and booked them within a couple of months. Using the local Guildhall (for the legal stuff) and an outdoor chapel (not religious) for the humanist/pagan/fun ceremony.
    Booked the party venue (pub function room) in about January. This wedding for us is a time to celebrate with our dear friends, like a wake but without anyone dying :rotfl:
    It took us the longest time to get a band we liked for the party. Live music is a big part of our life together. Our 1st choice pulled out cos one of them was getting married, 2nd was too famous to do private gigs, 3rd would have to travel too far, but 4th are a charm. Also got a local DJ who will play our own play list
    I went back home in May to check out some suppliers, Once we have all the RSVPs back I can finalise food. I also booked a space for if it rains/so we can serve tea to those at the outside do. Also met with a photographer, make up etc.
    Ordered my dress 2 weeks ago (tried on about 60 off the peg posh dresses cos I want something I can wear to posh dinners etc) but found a Ghost dress I love.
    One friend says she will do my make-up, another flowers, my best woman is getting a cake and we will do any decorating the week before if necessary.

    PS must send off final choice for ceremony this week!
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