Getting married abroad - advice/tips wanted?

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Hi - I am hoping to get married this year due to very family issues it will likely be just the two of us (which we are fine with) - but I want to get some ideas from others who have got married abroad and especially those who have got married without having friends and family there on your big day.

I have no knowledge of weddings or anything like that and ideally wanted to keep all costs around the £3k-4k if this is feasible??

Can anyone suggest some ideas - note we are both fans of warms places so Lithuania in October is off the menu so to speak :-)

Any advice & links would be appreciated


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    Make sure it is a legal ceremony - unless you want to have a register office one here as well, before or after (which many people who "marry" abroad end up doing).
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    Theres a massive thread on the weddings board for weddings abroad. Maybe check that out.

    Perhaps find out where in the world you want to get married first, then ask the questions relating to a particular place. There are also forums on other sites which have weddings abroad on them, perhaps have a little google about for some as they may have specialist knowledge.
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    Hi There,
    We got married in Mexico in Sept 1999. Just the two if us went and it was perfect. At the time it cost around £3000 plus spending money. Our Wedding Certicate is in Spanish we just had to get it translated when we got back but it was all legal and didn't have to get married again here It was a long time ago now but let me know if I can help you with anymore info :)
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    Hi, we got married in Dominican Republic in 2001. We had to have a solicitor do some paperwork to say we were single before we flew out. We booked with Thomas cook so there weddings co ordinator helped us to deal with everything over there, we had to be in the country 3 days before the wedding legally. Also the wedding certificate was in spanish so we had it translated and officiated over there too.
    It was amazing and the day was truly about us.
  • Most countries require couples to be in the country for a certain number of days before they can get married and all differ. So, check it before taking any step. Check out venues, talk to wedding suppliers and find out exactly what is possible within the time and budget you have.
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    Our son and daughter-in-law were married in Thailand (Ko Samui) in February 2012, it was beautiful! There were 50 guests though.

    To circumvent the residency rules, they were actually married under Australian law in a registry office, but only the family knew that. In every other way the wedding on the beach was "the wedding".

    It was truly a wonderful day. Congratulations and best wishes.
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