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My partner and I are currently trying to find "thee" venue to hold our wedding.
Looking for a venue which can hold the ceremony/meal and evening (40day/80+night) in the same location (or even close to each other) but I'm trying to think of locations we haven't thought of as we are noticing that it is a lot of hotels advertising and very few quirky locations like Sloans (which is one we are considering).

We would love something different from standard look which is why Sloans is appealing due to its aged look and wondered if people could throw any more suggestions we might have not seen within Glasgow area (city centre surrounding areas).

We are hoping for the whole wedding to be between 5-7k(max) so preferably the cheaper the better!
:pGetting married in 2017

Wins of 2016: Hotel Overnight Stay, 2 Cinema tickets...


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