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Hi guys got a pair of headphones that go over the head wireless headphones which are amazing and originally had just for road running but love using these in the gym like other people are too, as there padded they make you sweat a lot as well as doing hitt running on treadmill, as soon as I take them off I dry them with my gym towel and then I use a baby wipe on each one to clean and either leave to dry or dry off but the smell of wet dog stays on them, it there anything I. An do or use to clean these to keep them from smelling bad, there leather type cushion padding?



  • You could try wiping them down occasionally with an antibacterial mouthwash* - that should break down the sweat and freshen them up a bit.

    *Fair warning, I've never done this with headphones and don't really know if it will work or if the minty smell would be a problem, but I know it works with other items of mine that get saturated with sweat but can't be washed "normally".
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    I use an antibacterial spray for my cycling helmet which suffered similar issues. No longer a problem.

    (Yes, I may have purchased it because my inner child was sniggering at the words purple helmet sanitiser appearing in close proximity)
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