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Hi all, I've been lurking in these forums for a while, taking note of the hard work everyone puts into paying of their mortgages.

My mortgage is 1368 a month and I owe £216k with 18 years left on the term. My aim is to pay this off in the next 8 years if possible. I have started by overpaying by 1000 today and am in the process of clearing out the house for car boots and eBay - with this money being added as an overpayment as well. I notice some people make money off surveys - which sites would you recommend?

In terms of other spending - I am pretty money savvy and always have to get a deal or cash back, but will start paying all of this into the mortgage as well.

I am due a work bonus at the end of the month so am planning to put that against the mortgage as well as any money from my tax return (claim for work mileage).

I do have a cap on the money I can add to the mortgage this year and that is 10% of the balance but not sure I will be anyway near it - my aim is to at least overpay by 10000 which sounds like a huge number!!

I'll be posting everytime I make some progress on this.

Happy Tuesday!!!


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