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Hi All

I started to claim ESA in 2013... went for a ATOS medical in the March ,which I ended up scoring 0 even though I was still under going treatment ...decided to appeal it and finally December of 2013 I won my appeal scoring enough points with a recommendation of 2 years before my next assessment.... Well as things went my treatment went on till mid 2014, when the professionals decided there wasn't much more could be done... had to learn to live with the pain with or with out the medication...

New work capability form turned up the other day which I need to get completed, but my concern is whilst I have the original paperwork from the doctors, specialists but I don't have anything new or very recent due to the fact nothing more could be done..Is that going to pose much issue, my pain is the same as it was before.. nothing if anything has changed...seems like Ive been in a time wrap....

Just have the fear of having to go through all this BS again...having to prove I have got this pain etc etc


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    are you taking medication?
    do you see your GP?
  • [Deleted User]
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    I would strongly advise getting help from the CAB filling out the work capability form.

    They know what they are doing and how to write the answers so you score appropriately for your condition. They will also be able to explain that having no change in your condition is a valid reason to continue the claim.
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    Take a look around here:
    Lots of help and support to get you through this diabolical system
    Keep copies of everything you send
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    If you are still on medication for the problems, it would be sensible to get a letter from your GP to the effect that your condition has not improved since the start of your claim. If your condition is not likely to improve that should be included also.
    Additionally, any letters from the 'professionals', as you refer to them, regarding their prognosis will help.
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    Allot of GP's will charge an admin fee for compiling a letter this can anything from £5.00 to £250.

    As this is MSE we want to try and avoid any charges where necessary to limit the financial impact of filling in forms and appealing decisions.

    Your first Port of call really is knowing what the criteria for ESA is.
    here is the WCA you need to read it and understand it in order to fill in the Form according to your conditions symptoms that causes your Limited capability for work.

    Your next step would be to gather your evidence within the time frame. Any thing YOU ALREADY HAVE from a consultant GP or carer that specifically states your limitations such as cannot walk for 20meters without severe pain causing him/her to stop, diagnoses, treatments or even conceading to admitting that your conditions and ailments wont get better and that treatment has hit its dead end until something new comes out, is beneficial to your claim form/assessment forms these must be dated from around the time of your ORIGINAL claim to ESA to now.

    Don't send originals of anything always copies or photocopies digital or paper even.

    List your consultants and GP's as persons to get hold of for reports on the ESA50

    Then its a waiting game to hear from the assessment services about whether you need a face to face or not.
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