Pay off Mortgage? Lump in to Pension? Pay for Schooling?

Sorry If this is the wrong forum Martin.. I am seeking your opinion.

I am fortunate enough to take a Dividend annually + basic of £11000

I have no CC debt, no finance / loans
Mortgage at £109k on a £380k house. 3.16% repayment tied until July 18
42 years old this year.

I have £45000 cash spare now and will have the same next april.
My daughter starts schooling Sept 16 which I can get down to £15641 paying 2 years in advance or £23247 paying 3 years in advance. (also avoiding increases) = 7% and 10% discount.

I need about £20k + basic salary to get me through the year.

Would you pay 3 years of school?

OR 2 years of school and 9k off the mortgage ?

OR 1 year of school (3% discount by DD) and 18k off the mortgage?

Or 1 year school and lump £15k wish into my very small pension pot. ( I do have a property abroad worth £100k equity)
thanks for any comments on this ... regards
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