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Car supermarkets for brand new car

in Motoring
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Carnival789Carnival789 Forumite
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Does anyone have any recent firsthand experiences with any that they can share?

A few years ago I almost purchased my car from an online supermarket but my local dealer ended up matching the price so I went with them. Unfortunately I didn't keep the paperwork/quote from the supermarket type company, and can't remember their name!

My previous car came from jamjar, I wish they were still around now - it was an absolute bargain!

I've stumbled across motor point and uk car discount during my search so far but would be interested to hear of others and of course any recent experiences with them. thank you :)


  • k3lvck3lvc Forumite
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    Most comprehensive site I've found that enables you to spec the full car and gives you a clear explanation of the deal is - doesn't cover all brands but those it does tend to be a good starting point to what might be available
  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    Also try

    Those are both brokers by the way, not supermarkets.

    Be aware that car supermarkets with new cars "tend" to be imports, particularly motorpoint.

    Spec may vary, warranty will be shorter, could impact insurance, could impact residuals.

    They will also quote you a huge saving against list price, however you need to look at the likes of drivethedeal and broadspeed and then factor in the spec differences of the import, how much for a years manufacturers warranty, possible reduced resale value, etc.
  • AnotherJoeAnotherJoe Forumite
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    A friend of mine has bought his last two or perhaps three new cars from one of these places, doesn't seem to have had any issues. There is also carwow I've seen advertised, no experience but looks like a good idea.
  • insert_random_name_hereinsert_random_name_here Forumite
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    I bought a VW Up in November via The price ended up significantly lower than than my local VW dealer.

    I can't recommend them highly enough. I was given a selection of quotes within 24 hours, all of which were from authorised UK dealers. Because none of them knew who I was there was no sales hassle. Only when I chose to contact the dealer whose quote I wanted to pursue did he get my personal contact details.
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    HotspurHotspur Forumite
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    Another broker to try is Once you are ready to order they put you in touch with 'their' UK franchised dealer. The process from then is just the same as any similar purchase.

    Bought three cars using them over the years, always beating my local dealers best prices. They also beat Car Wow for my latest purchase in March.
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