MMD: Should Mrs Robinson leave all her cash to Simon or Garfunkel?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Mrs Robinson leave all her cash to Simon?

Mrs. Robinson is getting on in life and is drafting her will. She’s well off although not superrich. Her younger son Garfunkel has been very successful in his own right, though he’s quite avaricious and always wanted more. Her older son, Simon, has always struggled a bit with cash and relied on the family money. She’s debating should she simply split the money evenly or leave the lion’s share to Simon.

Should Mrs Robinson leave all her cash to Simon or Garfunkel?
Should Mrs Robinson leave all her cash to Simon?
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  • She should share it equally.
  • In her position I would leave them half each. They are both her sons after all.
    She might want to leave one of them a separate specific sum of money if he has done most to help her practically and emotionally in her last years.
    Example from my own life; one of my parents split their will unequally between us three siblings, disadvantaging the one who lived furthest away (another continent) and who couldn't visit, as well as having chronic ill health and consequent poverty. I thought this was so wrong that I pooled my money with this sibling after that parent's death and we split half each of that. The children of my impoverished sibling used to love their grandparent; they spit on the ground at their memory now.
    Example from a friend's life; he has always tried so hard to make his parents love him by doing well in his education and career, but they've always favoured his er, not very hard working sibling a hundred times more in terms of affection and LOTS of financial gifts to this day.
    She should be fair to both her children.
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  • 123xyz123xyz Forumite
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    I agree that she should split her estate equally. It doesn't really matter what her sons' personalities are, they are nonetheless her sons.

    I have seen family problems where a deceased relative has left their estate disproportionately, and it only leads to permanent rifts among the surviving relatives and possibly huge legal costs in contesting the Will.
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    Really it should be shared equally but I would like to think that if it were my own two children if there was one who was really successful and the other struggling then the more successful one would 'maybe' donate some of their money to the one struggling out of love for their sibling but I am not too sure that this would ever be the case. But to avoid any ill-feeling then it should be shared equally and be left to their own conscience.
  • JDAdamsJDAdams Forumite
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    Am I the only one who'd pick neither option given and leave the majority to Garfunkel? Clearly if he's succeeded in his own right he deserves the money more - I strongly feel that what I've worked hard for should go to someone deserving who is likely to do something useful with it rather than squander it.
  • deffo equally--
    Try and do a good deed every day.
  • stuff the kids send it to battersea dogs home
  • sandiebsandieb Forumite
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    Equally - no second thought about it.
  • AgutkaAgutka Forumite
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    Equally, if only to stop a family feud!
    Imagine - would the two brothers speak again if she favoured one over the other?
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