Cheap couple/family activity for 50th birthday 'treats'

Hi All

It's my DH's 50th birthday later in the year and he's doesn't want a present but has ask for a couple of 'experiences' that he would really like to do (sea plane over Scotland) and boating experience. Do to their location we can only really do them about 7 weeks before his birthday so thought it would be a nice idea to do something every weekend for 8 weeks on the run up to his birthday weekend to create lots of memories.

I have some ideas and a mix of some we will do as a couple (mitchelin starred restaurant) and some we will do as a family (longest zip line in world in snowdonia) but have run out of budget with a couple of weekends to fill!

The entire list is

Family activities
Seaplane over Scotland
Boating experience
Zip line
Gorge walking

Couple activities
Mitchelin star restaurant (one local that we have yet made it too despite always saying we would good)
Weekend away (closest to actual birthday)
Be in a TV audience (not something he has expressed great interest in but should be fun and cheap :)

He has previously done hot air balloon/white water rafting/track days, is not really into sports

Any ideas for the final activity for the list ??


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