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Register with the site passing by the referrals board if you like.
Check daily for your date of birth and collect points for free scratch cards (I've already won £3!).

It's a new site so there are changes and adjustments sometimes but so far so good :beer:



  • thekiwibexthekiwibex Forumite
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    Anyone got any experience with this site in terms of spam etc? :)
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    Posted on website

    Update 2nd Nov: Had various emails and comments on the site about why FBL is not being updated. A notice was posted on 19th Oct on both draw pages and the competition page explaining that my son is in hospital and he is my priority right now. I didn’t want to post this news, but hoped people would be more understanding if I explained. The site has not closed down but I won’t be able to run it for the foreseeable future. Thank you to everyone who has posted good wishes, it’s really appreciated. x
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    I haven't posted a competition for some time so I hope I am doing this the correct way.

    You need to register your date of birth and email and you will be entered into the two daily free draws. You just check the site each day to see if you have won.

    See - http://www.freebirthdatelottery.com
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    I just want to add some info.

    The site currently runs 2 prize draws each day - "Birthdate Draw" and "Survey Draw". It also has a couple of instant win comps running, and there is a quiz comp as well - October's is posted HERE.

    I recently won a £10 prize, and after clicking "claim" and filling in the form, the money was in my bank account next morning.

    Looking at the past results, it is amazing how many people must have registered and can't be bothered to check to see if they have won. Over the last 4 months the Survey Draw has only been claimed 8 times, and the Birthdate Draw 12 times.
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    Thanks Catz registered good luck to all
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    Does anyone have issues with this website? When my daily email reminder comes though (not that it comes through every day) Gmail often tells me "this website is not safe" there is an option to click "it is safe" which I usually do and ignore the warning.

    This morning I clicked through to the comp page when all of a sudden up popped a warning along with a piercing continuous alarm sound which would not stop and was wanting me to click on a link to fix as ALL my windows files were about to be deleted. :eek: There was a countdown timer before all my files were about to be deleted. Needless to say I did not click the link and immediately took my laptop offline. Full scans have been run on my laptop and thankfully nothing has been found, but this now makes me very wary about using this site especially for a prize of £10
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