I am a stay at home mum who's planning to be a work at home mum, i'm planning on selling hampers from home as i took a gamble on mother's day and made my mum a hamper (which she LOVED!!!) I've just got to grab the supplies for the hampers then i can start selling:j. At the moment i've decided to start with a few hampers in 2 categories everyday hampers & seasonal hampers; which are everyday: (new baby girl, new baby boy, baking, pampering, sweet, night-in, bridal shower/wedding gift, kids activity) seasonal: (Christmas, mother's day, father's day, valentines both for him and her, easter). As i thought doing a few first to get started would be a good idea, but i've now also had a think about what i can introduce once i've got started, sorry for the long post but i was just wondering what people thought on the ones i'll be introducing. List below:

- Hen Party hamper
- Stag do hamper
- House-warming/New home hamper
- Bridesmaid boxes
- Groom's wedding day box
- Bestman/groomsmen boxes
- Children's movie hamper
- Storytime Box
- Gardening Hamper

- football hamper
- family game night hamper
- pet lover's hamper
- children's christmas box
- couples hamper
- birthday hamper for her
- birthday hamper for him
- beauty hamper

What do you all think? Honest opinions please, as this will be my home-based business while my husband-to-be works and i want to be a stay at home mum that works from home and makes money to help support our family.


  • Finefoot
    Finefoot Forumite Posts: 644 Forumite
    If you are offering delivery, check out the options in your area as well as there feedback from customers.
    Just a heads up - if you haven't got a liquor licence, be careful about adding alcoholic drinks to your baskets.
    Good luck!
    Loving the sunny days!
  • StayAtHomeMummy96
    StayAtHomeMummy96 Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    I'm thinking of offering delivery and collection for people who's local but also postage so people all over can purchase the hampers and im beginning to look at a liquor licence.
  • kms26
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    I am a stay at home mum at the moment and after making some for family for Christmas I have decided I am going to start making Chocolate and sweet hampers.

    I will be selling on ebay and will be mainly posting. I will be using pre packaged sweets and Chocolates which I intend to buy in bulk and multipack packets and intend to use mainly Pizza style/Large Letter boxes, so my question is where is the cheapest place to buy these boxes?

    If anyone has any advice or experience on selling this type of thing I would love to hear.
  • pinknfluffy28
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    Hi. I have been selling hampers for a couple of years now, and I'm happy to share my experiences with you.

    I love making up hampers, I have always done themed hampers for my dd's for Christmas, and about 5 years ago, started doing them for family etc too.
    They were very very well received, and the following year I had family and friends asking me to make up hampers for them, and offering to pay.

    I already work full time, so I had no intention of starting a business. I work in a school, and most of my orders are from parents, but I also get orders through recommendations. I also sell to family/friends, and at the school fairs.

    Very simply, I have 3 price options: small £15, medium £25 and large £40.

    I do the following themes which are available year round, and in all 3 price options:

    New baby - available for girl, boy, or nutural
    Wedding - also available as wedding anniversary
    Birthday - available for children & adults
    Get well soon - available for male or female, adult or child
    Christmas (on sale from September) - available in a range of themes, suitable for a wide range of ages/genders etc.

    The contents for these hampers are mainly purchased in bulk, or in sales, and after packaging etc, I generally make between £2.50-£5 on each hamper sold.

    I also offer a pre-order, personalised service, again in the 3 price options mentioned above. The customer tells me what/who the hamper is for, which price/size option they want, and chooses a "theme" (e.g 3 year old boy birthday - spiderman). I require 6 weeks notice for personalised hampers, and I basically shop around and find what I can. These hampers always seem to go down so so well, and they are all truly original, but I make very little on these, sometimes only a couple of £.

    My hampers are collection only, or I will deliver them to school where I work.

    I enjoy making up hampers, it gives me something to do in an evening, and it does earn me a few pound. I am happy to tell you that so far this year I have sold 21 hampers (most of which were pre-orders for valentines, mothers day, and kiddies birthdays). I have made, in clear profit, just under £80.

    I could undoubtedly, make much more profit by adding cheaper things to my hampers, shopping at £ shops etc, but I am 100% sure that my hampers would not sell anywhere near as well, if I included items which are readily available on the high street etc, which people could throw together themselves.

    A lot of my bulk items are ordered from China, which keeps the costs down a little, and also ensures the recipient isnt going to find the same thing locally, but you have to be careful with quality, so I tend to go for the more expensive options with better feedback/reviews.

    Personalised hampers are a risk, sometimes I can pick up themed stuff stupidly cheap at the right time, and a hamper can be filled for very little, and make a very decent profit (eg the frozen hamper I made for a 4 year old girl last xmas, lots of toys, books, figures, cups, plates, sweets, and even a fleece blanket and olaf teddy - filled a £40 hamper to over flowing for just under £25, giving me a clear profit after packaging of £18).Other times, I can be upto budget and the basket still half empty. (An example was earlier this year when a lady asked for a small (£15) hamper for her star wars mad 5 year olds birthday. Star wars is really popular at the moment, and therefore sourcing items at a reasonable price was a nightmare. The hamper ended up containing a cup, a colouring book and pens, 2 small figures, a reading book, top trumps cards, a jigsaw, a poster, and a few star wars lollipops. On a £15 hamper, I made just £1.70 profit, and it certainly wasnt over-flowing, lots of shredded paper needed to bulk it out, but it was well packaged, and the customer was over the moon, and has already placed orders for 5 christmas hampers!!).

    All my packaging materials are bought in bulk, I use cheap plastic storage bins/baskets which I cover with themed paper, add shredded paper, cellophane, a ribbon and a themed gift tag. It works out between £1-£2.50 for packaging alone, depending on hamper size. Customers love that the storage boxes are re-usable!

    What I dont add to hampers:
    Food that is not pre-packaged or has less than 3 months best before date
    Anything home made

    What I do add to my hampers:
    Pre-packaged sweets, chocolates, tea, coffee, biscuits etc
    Toys etc all from reputable brands (never from china, £shop etc - quality first!)
    Clothes / baby items / etc again all from reputable brands

    Obviously there are lots of others, but these are my general rules, I do not use second hand items, I will not buy anything other than decorative items from unknown/branded companies, and I always make sure items have CE / safety certs etc where applicable.

    I know of some people who sucessfully sell hampers filled with items they have picked up from £shops, charity shops, ebay etc, but personally, I am not willing to take the risk of selling something which doesnt meet British safety standards, and have a child choke on a broken toy part, the thought scares me to death.

    My hampers are filled with quality items, they sell well, I have never had negative feedback or any complaints, but I do not earn anywhere near a living from them. It is more of a hobby, and I am fortunate enough to cover all costs, and earn a bit of spending money each month.

    I think in order to earn a living from such a thing, you would need to be much less picky about what you put into the hampers, or charge an awful lot more than I do - neither of which I am personally comfortable with.

    It is fun, and very rewarding, and yes, the extra money is nice, but not a lot, plus you have to declare it. I made a little over £400 last year from hamper sales, and when added to my wages, took me just over the tax bracket, meaning I lost £65 of my profits paying tax.

    I no longer advertise my hampers, but still get plenty of orders. After this year though, i will not be replenishing bulk buy stock, and instead will just do pre-order hampers. I make much less on these, but they sell better, and are more fun to make up. It is, before anything, my hobby. Hth
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  • kms26
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    Hi Pinknfluffy28 thank you soooo much for your reply, that is so helpful!!

    What sort of items do you buy in bulk from China? Which websites do you use? I don't know if its any good to you but one I have come across for packaging and baskets etc http://www.candigifts.co.uk/

    I was thinking of just doing sweets and chocolates as my thinking was if I couldn't sell them the contents are easily disposed of :D:D:D

    I know you said you don't advertise now but where did you before?

    Again thanks for all the useful information
  • SharonAlba
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    Well I think its a good idea to, I would suggest that you get in touch with some gift shoppe or any stores so that they can help you in selling your hampers to a larger number of people!
  • MoneyMission2015
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    Don't forget you will need insurance (public liability).

    Good luck. It is hard work, my sister did it for a while a few years ago & in the end she gave it up because she was working really hard for not much profit. She loves making up hampers so just does them for family now. Not trying to put you off, just giving another viewpoint.

    I see a few people advertising through selling pages on Facebook, probably reaches the biggest audience and doesn't cost anything if it's the local free boot sale type Facebook pages.

    Good luck.
  • Giggle
    Giggle Forumite Posts: 3,137 Forumite
    Hi I have set up a group on facebook for anyone who makes and sells hampers please feel free to PM me for the link to join
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  • Bumblebee2019_2
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    Hi, is this group still on? Please can you share the link?
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