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MSE News: 'Wombles' average £250/mth from hobby retrieving others' discarded receipts

A charity runner from Yorkshire who founded the 'Wombles for Cash' Facebook group in January 2015 has told how the group has grown to almost 6,000 members – with 40 making £10,000 in vouchers between them in a single month....
Read the full story:
''Wombles' average £250/mth from hobby retrieving others' discarded receipts'
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  • edinburgher
    edinburgher Posts: 13,469 Forumite
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    Am I the only person who is skeptical that someone manages to find £££ of vouchers from picking up receipts in the car park? Maybe my local Asda car park is better maintained than those near the 'Wombles', but I doubt it :rotfl:
  • mjm3346
    mjm3346 Posts: 46,941 Forumite
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    Don't research very well do they - Tesco already deduct any difference at the checkout and have done for many weeks.
  • agarnett
    agarnett Posts: 1,301 Forumite
    mjm3346 wrote: »
    Don't research very well do they - Tesco already deduct any difference at the checkout and have done for many weeks.
    Yes my first thought also, but I see that the article does mention that (or at least it does now!).

    The bigger picture is surely this however - how do the supermarkets know each other's prices in the first place with such accuracy?

    Is this not cartel behaviour i.e. I'll show you mine if you show me yours and together we'll keep comparing notes and keep the confidence trick alive even to the extent of encouraging MSE to write an article about Wombling make the dumber / (most of the)punters think that they are getting something for nothing from our "price match" and are safe with us protecting their pockets! ???
  • Owain_Moneysaver
    Owain_Moneysaver Posts: 11,360 Forumite
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    Isn't it fraudulent to use someone else's receipt to claim a discount or refund?
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  • Grumpysally
    I thought these vouchers were linked to your loyalty card and therefore only usable by that customer.

    I usually shop at Morrissons and Im sure allthe offers I get are coded to my M&M card.

    Maybe I need to start reading the stuff they hand me a the check out a bit more thouroughly.

    I suppose Asda is the best place because they don't have a loyalty card yet. It all depends on if you use the supermarket regularly, no point travelling miles out of your way to claim a couple of quid back if it costs you as much in petrol.

    Stores probably don't discourage it on the theory that someone will nip in to spend their vouchers but end up spending considerably more while they are there.
  • dawnylou
    dawnylou Posts: 3,133 Forumite
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    Doesn't Asda only allow 10 receipts per month though?
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  • Over50lady54
    It says in the article that Tesco have already addressed the price matching. :money:
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