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I'm new to all this and not sure if I'm in the right forum. I'm looking for a bit of advise or if anyone else has been in the same situation. I have bought my first home and currently revenorating it. It will soon be complete then the next stage is to furnish it top to bottom. We have been saving like made for the last six years and have a nice some of money to furnish the house, especially electrical items. After having a browse at different story we ha r decided to get the majority of electrical items from currys. I have prices up quite a few items tv, fridge freezer, washing mashing, dryer, iron,kettlez microwave and many more and the bill is coming in at around 3500. My question is, doeach a big company like this haggle? I would like some discount of a few things chucked in for free. Possible a surround sound for the telly/stand and cables. Maybe I'm being cheeky but who knows. What's your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks


  • Yes, haggle but do not seek freebies, you will be given unsold carp, price what you want and haggle over the total. I did this when getting divorced and setting up last house, 10% easily done, push for 20% Then use the cash to buy oddsn sods you actually need.
  • Bargaining is always good and as a way to save money. But there's always an easier way. For example places that wholesalers and some website like wholesale that I use always. You can save your money at this way. َAlthough I also love bargains :)
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