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Blog discussion: The great Easter egg mark-up?

"The great Easter egg mark-up (though some normal choc can cost 40% MORE)"

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  • A KitKat Chunky bar cost 60p for 40g, or £1.50 per 100g. But if you bought an 140g Kit Kat chunky egg bundle at £1.50, it would cost just £1.07 per 100g – making the bar 40% more expensive than the egg.
    Interesting blog, it is difficult to do like for like comparisons. In the end, it all boils (ha!) down to how much you value the chocolate that makes the egg.

    Doing a quick price check at Tesco brought up something interesting:

    Kit Kat Chunky bars (40g) are 60p each on their own. They are on offer for £1.20 for 3.

    However, multipacks are £1 for 4 (4x40g). So if you want more than one bar, you'd be better off buying a multipack.

    Also, a lot of those eggs can be found elsewhere for less.

    So as always, it pays to shop around and pay attention to deals that aren't actually deals.
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