Credit report error - but they still took the money!!

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Hi, I am curious about my credit report so tried to apply to experian online just now and it came up with an error which said:

"Unfortunately, we could not process your application for a credit report because we were unable to fully confirm your identity based upon the information available to us.
In order for your application to proceed, you need to write to the address below enclosing a copy of either a current passport or driving licence in your name together with two other original documents connecting you to your present address (eg. bank statement, mortgage statement, council tax bill, solicitor's letter, or recent utility bill in your name) these must be dated within the last three months. Please quote your reference numberdocument.write(parent.hidden.hidden_AUDIT_RE F); when you write to us.
Your card has been debited."

Can someone explain to me why this could have happened??

I'm a little annoyed that they have still taken their money despite not being able to provide me with a service and they forgot to actually give me a reference number!!! - perhaps they will have emailed this info to me???


Can someone tell me if I should include a minor detail in my application....

I lived with my parents for 20 odd yrs and although I did live with my partner for 2 yrs in a house that he owned, I never actually got registered with the council at this address - I was a student at uni and it didn't seem important at the time. I did change my bank account to this address and a credit card and applied and got accepted for another ccard using this address.

I have now been living in my own house with my partner for the last 17 months. Do I put all three address' on the application or just use my parents and my current address?
I don't want to lie to them, but I don't want any repercussions from living somewhere where I wasn't registered.

Any help appreciated:confused:


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    You may have been declined for the web report because of an inconsistency between their records of your addresses and the information you provided. Perhaps you accidentally gave two addresses for the same time period.

    You've applied for a credit card and had a bank account at the partner's address so you should expect it to already be present on your credit report unless you ended the ccount mroe than five years ago.
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    Thanks James.

    I have phoned them this morning to say what has happenend and the man on the phone said that my application has gone through fine???

    He did advise me though that he thinks the online service was playing up as on my application there is only my curent address!!

    He has told me to wait until I get the report (within the next 7 days) and then to phone back and add both of my previous address' to the report and they will send out another corrected one free of charge.

    Why on earth he couldn't have just taken my details from me there and then is beyond me?? - maybe the report locates all previous address' without you needing to tell them??:confused:
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    I also applied for the Free Trial at Experian yesterday, (in view of some dodgy transactions on my card which are being dealt with by my bank.)
    Went through Quidco, but that hasn't tracked either.:confused:
    No e mail received, so I called Experian this morning, and was told that someone was looking at my application!
    I thought the idea was to be able to see online as soon as possible...if I have to wait a week, it somewhat defeats the object, and I might just as well have written for a statutory report.
    Not impressed already, and will cancel as soon as I've read it, if it ever appears!
    Can't see why it would need any further checks....same house 18 years, same bank 32 years, same employer 12 years, and never been refused any CC's etc.
    Perhaps their system's playing up?:rolleyes:
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