150g of coffee beans for 99p inc P&P

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    Is it me or has the sample sized changed? Like the title in the thread I am sure it stated 300g but it is now reading 150g (trying to email them as I have had no acknowledgement of my order).

    * Update just had an email from the company and they have changed the sample size from 300g - 150g, so can you change the thread title.

    Hi there,

    Do not worry. Your order has already been dispatched.

    Our small company has not tried to trick anyone and any orders made before the edit (02/02/2016) have been dispatched as a full 300g.

    On average we would have had 1-2 free samples a week, which was easy to sustain at 300g per sample.

    We are but a small, family run roastery trying to gain retail traction. Dispatching 100 free samples in 1 day, I am sure you can see why we had to make a change! Along with people trying to pass duplicate orders and such.

    We are looking into ways we can lower the cost and return the free sample size to at least 250g but for now we will need to go for the 150g samples which can fit through the large letter slot thus saving on the postage expense.

    I am sorry for the scare, and don't worry! You may want to tell your friends over at
    www.moneysavingexpert.com to change the title, so as to not mislead anyone else.

    Thanks for your message and we hope to get some real constructive criticism from you guys!
    Have a great day,
    R Hormozi
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    Got my 300g sample this morning and my hubby is very excited to try it (I'm a cuppa tea girl myself!). Thanks to the OP for the link xxx
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    Thread title edited. :)
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    Got mine today, very impressed with the company as this is a very generous offer.
  • are these coffee beans or ground coffee?
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    are these coffee beans or ground coffee?
    Beans as per the op's title.
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