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Can anyone recommend a decent espresso machine please?

My espresso machine is on it's last legs, it's groaning, spluttering, and steaming all over the place. Have done the descaling and cleaned everything that I can get at, but to no avail. Can't grumble had it for years, and it has done me well.

I've been looking online, and quite frankly, my head is buzzing with all the choice. Every time I think that this is the machine for me, I end up reading some bad reviews regarding reliability.

I just want a good little electric espresso machine, doesn't have to be anything fancy, so long as it makes a good coffee. I usually have espresso or Americano, so don't need all the fancy bits and bobs, but I do like a nice crema on my coffee.

I know what I don't want:-
Bean to cup machine...I have a good burr grinder, which I'm very happy with.
Any type of pod machine which only uses pods is out too, although I would consider a machine which took coffee grinds and pods if it made a good coffee.
I don't want a drip machine or percolator either. (Goodness, I am so fussy!)

Can anyone give me recommendations please, and indeed what to avoid?


  • Gaggia Classic. We have had one for twelve years and it does great service. We have descaled a couple of times each year to keep it up to scratch. Also changed the steamer wand to a rancillo one last year as a bit of an upgrade. It does great espresso and with the steamer wand great cappucinos too.
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