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Xbox 360 - two players on live is it possible

Eldest son currently has an xbox 360 and for Christmas he was given a 12 month subscription to xbox live which he is happily using. His brother wants to play on live with him (we only have one xbox) is this possible? Do we need another subscription to xbox live? Not sure if it makes a difference but the xbox is currently connected to an old large back tv.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • custardycustardy Forumite
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    You can share gold on the Xbox One,but not the 360 i believe.
    So you would need another sub.
    Shop around and these can be sub £25
    Sadly CD Keys are sitting at Jjust under £30,usually much cheaper IME
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Having read what I found on google it looks like its certain games, minecraft was 1 game that was mentioned.
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    I believe its going to depend on the individual capabilities of the game itself and whether they allow splitscreening (where two players play on half a screen each).

    Splitscreening usually (but not always) gives you the option of signing in as player two on a different account or just playing on player one's account.

    However other games might require not just a 2nd subscription, but also a 2nd xbox in order for them to play together.
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  • Following on from previous replies, it really does depend on the game. I was on eBay so had a quick look for live subscriptions. This came up and seems a good deal at £23.90 - Lots of positive feedback as well. I think it may be cheaper as it looks like it's specifically for the 360, rather than for both the One and 360.
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