Why you now need to ‘join’ to get a super-cheap MSE collective energy switch deal

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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

Read Martin's "Why you now need to ‘join’ to get a super-cheap MSE collective energy switch deal" blog.

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  • Dean_Cockle
    Dean_Cockle Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    How long does the latest collective energy switch last for?? is it just this week??
  • esuhl
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    Nice one. Very clearly explained, and very upfront about how MSE profits from the deal too.

    So... that's me in! Looks like I'll be saving between 20 and 25% off my current bills! Wow!
  • footyguy
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    That is now having to change due to a clarification of the collective rules from Ofgem. It’s said that if people are able to register and switch at the same time, then the energy firms must tell all their existing customers of this tariff in the section of the bills where they publish their “cheaper tariffs”.

    While this is great in theory, once Ofgem did it, my energy club team started to hit a brick wall to get you a new deal. Most firms we spoke to said either they wouldn’t give us a good deal in that case, or wouldn’t be able to cope with the logistics of putting this information on the bill for a short amount of time.
    Since you wrote this article, the Big Deal (via The Sun) has done a collective switch and there is no need to register.
    The winning tariff through them is from Extra Energy, and that arguably beats the BG dual fuel deal you got.

    On Monday sees the results of the Great British Collective Switch (through EnergyHelpLine.com) and I strongly suspect there will be no need to register for that either even though they say you have to - they said last time you needed to register and it turned out you didn't have to.

    How come these other schemes have not hit the brick wall your team did?
  • jelockwood
    jelockwood Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    The Feb 2016 big switch deal with British Gas is not listed at the top when I login and ask for an up-to-date comparison. In fact it is it not even listed in the top 10 entries.

    Is it in fact such a bad deal as to be way down the list?

    A previous big switch deal using First Utility was previously shown as the top deal as logically should be the case.

    What's happening?
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