Child support and agency work?

Hi Guys

Wonder if you could help us. We are trying to organise child support for my partner daughter his ex has filed for csa he works via a agency atm and will be going self employed as of next month.

With the agency he only finds out on the Friday if he is working the next week or not.

We can just survive on my money as we also are supporting my two children 17 and 15 and my granddaughter who live in our house.

How do we calculate the csa? at the beginning of the financial year he was on a good wage weekly for around 3 months but that work stopped.

The figure the csa have is based on year to date earnings but they are not reflective of now.

For example in the last 12 weeks i calculate it to be 183 per week.

We have his daughter every second week and he has her Wednesday evenings.

I read somewhere that they can base it on the last 12 weeks is this true?

I calculated it on the csa calculator as £12 per week we offered her £18 but she has declined that. The csa worked it out as £35 per week but hadn't taken in to account the children living in our household or the amount of time he has her.

The reason he has not paid it in the past was he was the resident parent for the first 4 years and then he had her every school holidays.

Now we can't do the school holidays anymore she has decided she wants csa.


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    If the csa figure is 35 then that is the offer. You can get the figure recalculated but it's still going to be around 27.
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    You dont calculate the CSA, the CMS do. They will automatically recalculate once a year on the last tax info from HMRC. All your partner needs to do is make sure that any deductions for overnight stays and the other 2 children are in place.

    In all honesty, offering £18 a week when he earns £183, I can see why she said no way. Do your childrens father not support them (along with you obviously)?
  • Its just frustrating as he had her for the first 4 years of her life. She never paid a penny whilst she was off traveling the world with her job making a lot of money leaving her child behind.

    We spoke to the maintenance people and they said they calculate it based on last 5 wages slips as the work isn't regular.

    The only reason she now wants maintenance is because he won't run around after her anymore so she can have her traveling career. Sometimes the woman isn't the innocent party.
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    This isn't to do with the mum tho Kerry, despite who the child lives with, they cost money. Why was CM not paid when the child lived with your partner for 4 years? Did he every apply? Your first post comes across like he shouldn't have to pay because he is supporting your 2 children. Do your 2 make his own blood less important? Surely you should be getting CM from your kids father? Its all swings and roundabouts and the only losers are the children.
  • It's not that. He didn't claim csa he just wanted to keep her. His ex had a affair and moved out leaving the baby. He doesn't support my kids or me I have a good job he covers his mortgage and bills his place is empty after that there is nothing to put in my place and he can't rent his as his mortgage won't permit it.

    He has his daughter every second weekend and every Wednesday night. We will have her her school Extra in school holidays but can't commit to days he has to work on the days he can and if they clash with having her it means he can't work so no income. I get that doesn't help with childcare arrangements.

    I have a really good relationship with his daughter to the point she cries fir the journey home and takes us half a h to organise her going home cause she doesn't want to go.

    We worked out he could have claimed £50 a week csa from her. He didn't have enough money to feed himself at times.
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    But that is all irrelevant now. He could have claimed and if he couldn't feed himself then he should have claimed.

    Your relationship with his daughter/the exes affair/his house sat empty does not matter. He is still legally bound to pay the legal minimum of child maintenance. His ex could win the lottery and he would still have to pay.

    You said in your first post ' we are supporting my children and granddaughter'

    He could look at selling his empty place. Having his daughter would reduce the CM due by 1/7th per night/week.

    The one thing I would say is that if he tries to play the system by working low hours during the 5 week period to be assessed on could come back to bite him in the bum. My ex has just been reassessed and I have been successful in having it back dated 2.5 years as he deliberately mislead and did not inform the CSA of salary changes. The last thing he will need is upto 40% of his income being taken to cover arrears.
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