We wa t to be mortgage free

Our mission from now is to be mortgage free as soon as possible . We are in a fixed rate mortgage till sept 2017 and we are saving like mad at the moment to be mortgage free . We have 6 grand at the mo to pay off but the dilemma is do we keep it in our ISA till we renew our mortgage in sept 2017 or do we pay a lump off now . We are with nationwide and can pay 10% off our mortgage a month . We only have 67000 left on our mortgage . Any advice gladly recieved and also any other ways of making extra cash to help us be mortgage free gladly recieved .




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    if your over a 2.5% on your fixed rate pay it off the mortgage i would personally
    Just remember the earlier you pay it of the sooner you start saving on the daily/monthly/yearly interest

    what is your fix currently ? how long do you have left on the montage ?

    very similar balance to me will follow with interest :]
    Mortgage--- [STRIKE]£67700 March 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£65221 April 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£64983 July 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£64780 sept 15[/STRIKE] Remortgage [STRIKE]£67295 oct 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£66599 Nov 15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£65878.73 Dec 15[/STRIKE][STRIKE] £64834 1st Jan 16[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]Feb 16 £64,511.89[/STRIKE][STRIKE] March 16 £64,056.40[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]April 16 £62550[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]May 16 £62,396.20[/STRIKE] Feb 17 £60.800
    Emergency fund 23k
  • We have about nine years left on our mortgage and our rate is 1.89 % . We so want to be mortgage free
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