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    A few years ago I had a very serious health problem and drew up wills, legal documents everything. I started to think about giving my two closest female friends a piece of jewellery from my own personal collection. Very expensive items, but we are talking friends of over 20 years plus.

    had a situation with one of them.

    Underneath the lift out bed of the jewellery box I wrote a very heartfelt letter of how much this person meant to me. Then wrapped it up.

    I was round this friends house on boxing day and her mother in law popped round to say I think you need to take this present back and produced the jewellery box and the letter which she had found and my friend hadnt when she had glanced inside and decided to regift it.

    My friend said to her mother in law she had given her the gift in error by wrapping up the wrong item but it was blatantly obvious she wasnt telling the truth, I have never been so disgusted with someone in all my life.

    ETA we are talking a few weeks here, not months or years.

    I actually scooped it up and said this belongs to me and walked out and havent kept in contact with the "friend" since. This is going back a few years now, but it really, really hurt.

    If you want to regift something make absolutely certain the person who gave it to you never finds out or has no problem with it. Otherwise its a total kick in the teeth.
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    +1 for in the name of all you hold dear make very very sure the gift goes to someone Other than the original donor. Or their spouse or kinsfolk or on their FB friends list.

    I've found making sure Southern gifts head further north & Northern gifts head further south *helps*, but I have routinely donated things to the school tombola as a sort of exchange mechanism.

    And I have been in the room when my mother in law has unwrapped a present from my mother & recognised the scarf... Never have I wished to teleport to an alternative universe so hard, me, mother of three expert droppers-in-it!
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    I once sent a work colleague a Christmas gift which she then sent to another colleague who worked in the same section as me, for her birthday! The first colleague was a committed charity shopper and most of the gifts she sent had come from there,now I don't object to nice pottery or linen from a charity shop but seedy looking gift sets with slightly battered boxes and items with the shop ticket missing dont go down too well with me I would rather send things I don't want to the charity shop in the first place than re gift them
  • ali-t
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    I regularly regift alcohol. I rarely drink so regift a lot.
    If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got!
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