equifax credit score

Here's a quick one. Just checked my equifax rating for a laugh expecting it to glow as red as Rudolph's nose only to find it says very good! The reason I'm shocked is that I have a current unsettled CCJ on my file. Any thoughts on this score?


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    It's meaningless and banks don't use them.
  • Cheers Jim, I just read a few more posts and see that the scores are rubbish. I am assuming that the mobile phone companies who check with Equifax will get the record of my CCJ from them and stick 2 fingers up at me. Is this correct?
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    The mobile phone companies will get your credit history, not your credit score, so they will get details of any CCJ

    There are many posts from people confused because one credit reference agency gives them a high score and another gives them a low score.

    Credit Scores are just a marketing tool by the CRA's to get people to keep visiting their website to check their credit score, so they can sell more advertising or sell products to you.

    It's your credit history that counts
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